June 25, 2024
This article is a comprehensive guide on how to make an Ender portal in Minecraft, including a step-by-step guide, crafting tips, alternative portal methods, connection to the end game, creative applications, and conclusion.

Making an Ender Portal in Minecraft: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re an avid Minecraft player, you know that one of the key factors to enjoying the game is exploring all that it has to offer. The end is one such facet of the game that every player aims to reach eventually. But to do that, you need to create an Ender portal. If you’re not sure how to make one, don’t worry. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about crafting one on your own.

Step-by-Step Guide

The essential first step in creating an Ender portal is gathering the necessary materials. To do this, you’ll need to search for end portal frames. These frames are found in strongholds, which are underground structures that you can come across while exploring the world.

Once you’ve found a stronghold, locate the portal room. There should be sight blocks inside the room, which you’ll need to remove. Then, place the end portal frames around the edges of the portal. Use an eye of ender to activate the portal by placing it in one of the portal frames.

Crafting Tips

To find end portal frames, you’ll have to search for strongholds. Strongholds are randomly generated within the world, but they tend to be more common in certain biomes. A few biomes in which strongholds are most likely to occur are deserts, savannas, and plains. You can also find strongholds by using an Eye of Ender.

There are a few materials you need to craft an Ender portal, aside from the end portal frames. You’ll need blaze rods, which you can get by defeating blaze mobs in the Nether dimension. Additionally, you’ll need ender pearls, which can be obtained by defeating endermen mobs.

Players can use a wide variety of materials for building the Ender portal frames. Materials that you can use to craft the end portal frames include obsidian, crying obsidian, or nether portal blocks.

Alternative Portal Methods

While creating an Ender portal might take some time and effort, some gamers prefer to speed up the process by using cheats available in the game, plugins, mods, or glitches. However, using such cheaters or glitches to create an Ender portal can lead to a compromised gameplay experience. For the best gaming experience, it is best to follow the legitimate methods of creating an Ender portal.

Connection to End Game

Achieving victory in Minecraft means reaching The End and defeating the ender dragon. Creating an Ender portal is the most direct route to achieving this goal. Once you’ve activated the portal, you’ll be taken to The End, where you will find the ender dragon. After defeating the dragon, you will be able to access a variety of rewards, including the ability to fly using an elytra.

Creative Applications

An Ender portal can be an essential tool for Minecraft players. They can be used for transportation, accessing hard-to-reach areas, and farming ender pearls, which can be used for a variety of things. Additionally, you can create fascinating architectural structures using Ender portals, like creating a base of Ender portals around a central location to create an impregnable fortress.


Now that you know how to build an Ender portal in Minecraft, you’re ready to go out and create your very own. Remember, the key to achieving victory in Minecraft is to explore all the game has to offer. Good luck with your Ender portal creation, and remember to have fun.

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