July 20, 2024
Discover how to turn your iPhone screen black and white with ease. Read to learn about the benefits of using a monochrome display and how it can be customized for a minimalist aesthetic and reduced eye strain.

How to Make Your iPhone Black and White: A Guide to Monochrome Displays

It’s a common issue – your iPhone screen suddenly turns black and white, leaving you feeling frustrated and unsure of how to fix the problem. But what if you could intentionally turn your iPhone display monochrome? This may sound strange, but it’s actually a feature that Apple offers on all of their devices. In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of black and white iPhone displays, including how to turn your screen monochrome, the benefits of using a monochrome display, and tips for customizing your iPhone for a minimalist aesthetic.

How to Turn Your iPhone Screen Monochrome: A Step-by-Step Guide

The process of turning your iPhone screen monochrome is simple and straightforward. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone
  2. Select “General”
  3. Scroll down to “Accessibility” and tap it
  4. Find the “Display Accommodations” option and select it
  5. Toggle on the “Color Filters” option
  6. Select the “Grayscale” filter
  7. Exit the “Settings” app and enjoy your new black and white iPhone display!

It’s worth noting that when you enable this feature, all of the colors on your iPhone will be replaced with shades of gray, so you won’t be able to enjoy the vibrant hues of apps, photos, or videos.

Why You Should Try Using a Black and White iPhone Screen

While a monochrome display may seem unappealing at first, there are actually a number of benefits to using a black and white iPhone screen. For one, it can significantly reduce eye strain, especially when your phone is used for extended periods of time. With less color and movement on the screen, your eyes won’t have to work as hard to interpret the information. Additionally, the lack of color can help to reduce distractions, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

Research has also shown that using a monochrome display can help to alleviate symptoms of certain conditions, like dyslexia or color blindness.

The History and Science of Monochrome Displays: Why You Should Give it a Try on Your iPhone

Monochrome displays have a long history in technology, dating back to the earliest days of computers. Before color monitors became widely available, monochrome displays were the only option available. Despite the prevalence of color displays today, monochrome displays have remained popular for a number of reasons.

Monochrome displays work by displaying images using only two colors: black and white. Each pixel on the screen is either turned on (white) or off (black), creating a high-contrast image that is easy to read and interpret.

Studies have shown that high-contrast images can be easier for the brain to process, which is why monochrome displays are often used in applications like aviation or medical imaging. Additionally, monochrome displays consume less power, making them a popular choice for portable devices like laptops or, in this case, iPhones.

Aesthetic and Minimalist iPhone Displays: The Trend That’s Taking Over

With the rise of minimalist design and simple aesthetics, the trend towards black and white iPhone displays has become more popular in recent years. In addition to the practical benefits of using a monochrome display, many users appreciate the clean, minimalist look that it provides.

Popular lifestyle bloggers and influencers have also embraced the trend, with many extolling the virtues of a monochrome display for reducing distractions and cultivating a sense of calm.

Customizing Your iPhone Display: How to Make it Your Own with a Black and White Palette

While a monochrome display might seem limiting at first, there are still plenty of ways to personalize your device and make it your own. Consider designing custom wallpapers or backgrounds that look great in black and white. Alternatively, experiment with different fonts or text styles to create unique and eye-catching displays. The possibilities are endless!


While turning your iPhone screen monochrome might not be for everyone, it’s worth giving it a try to see if it improves your user experience. With its benefits to eye strain, focus, and reduced power consumption, it could be just the change you’ve been looking for.

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