February 25, 2024
Are you looking for ways to make money online as a kid? Check out these five proven methods, including starting a YouTube channel, selling on online marketplaces, creating a blog, and offering digital services and taking online surveys!

I. Introduction

It can be challenging for kids to find ways to make money, especially online. However, in today’s world, the internet offers many opportunities for kids to generate income. This article aims to help kids learn five proven ways to make money online!

II. Creating a YouTube channel

Starting a YouTube channel is an excellent way for kids to make money online. YouTube is a platform that people of all ages can use to showcase their talents and earn money. To start a channel, kids should focus on content they are passionate about or have a skill and talent for. They can make videos about gaming, crafts, vlogging, or any other topic that appeals to them. Creating trendy and fun content attracts a large audience on the platform.

Once they have established a significant following, they can apply for monetization. YouTube pays content creators based on the number of views and clicks on their channel. It is also necessary to create engaging content regularly to build a loyal subscriber base.

Some successful kid Youtubers to inspire include Ryan Kaji, Kids Diana Show, and EvanTubeHD.

III. Selling items on an online marketplace

Kids can use online platforms like eBay, Amazon, and Etsy to sell their homemade crafts, gently used items or something else they have that someone would want to buy. Online marketplaces take care of payment processes and transactions, making it easy for kids to sell products. The key to selling items effectively is to offer something unique and ensure high-quality, eye-catching photos of the items. The more creative items a seller offers, the more likely they can make more sales.

Some successful kid online sellers to inspire include Bella Weems-Lambert, who made over a million dollars selling jewelry through Origami Owl, and Moziah Bridges, the founder of a successful bow-tie company called Mo’s Bows.

IV. Starting a blog

Blogging is another great way for kids to showcase their writing skills and make money online. Blogging enables them to express their thoughts, ideas, and interests while earning a good income. For example, if a kid is passionate about skateboarding, they could start a blog about it. Monetizing the blog by advertising, sponsored content, writing for other websites, and selling products are just some ways to make money.

Some successful kid bloggers to inspire include Tavi Gevinson, who started Rookie Mag at the age of thirteen, and Abby Rodriguez, who founded the successful blog, The Frosted Vegan.

V. Offering digital services

The internet offers a broad range of opportunities for kids to provide digital services like graphic design, writing services, programming, and more. By offering their skills and services, kids can earn significant amounts of money. Platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer.com provide kids with a platform to showcase their skills while building an online reputation.

Some successful kid freelancers to inspire include Alina Morse, who started Zolli Candy, and Gabrielle Jordan, who provides digital marketing training.

VI. Taking online surveys

While not the highest-earning online side hustle, taking online surveys may be a good option for kids who are looking to make some pocket money in their spare time. There are several legitimate online survey websites available where participants can earn some cash or gift cards for giving their opinions. Some of these include Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and Vindale Research.

Some successful kids who have made money through online surveys include Six-year-old Ryan Hickman, who made $21,000 from recycling, and Taliyah Wajiid, who has been able to earn some extra pocket money through taking paid surveys.

VII. Conclusion

Kids can have many options to make money online while discovering and exploring their interests and passions. By creating YouTube channels, selling on online marketplaces, starting blogs, offering digital services, and taking online surveys, they will find a choice that works best for them. With determination, creativity and hard work, kids can make money online and create a valuable skill for a lifetime.

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