February 23, 2024
Get the ultimate guide on how to play Bananagrams. Learn the rules, tips, and variations. Discover the educational benefits of playing Bananagrams. This guide has everything you need to know about the game and how to win big.


Bananagrams is a fast-paced word game that has skyrocketed in popularity over the years. This game, which resembles Scrabble, is fun, easy to understand, and doesn’t require any board or scoring equipment, making it perfect for all ages. In this article, we’ll take a comprehensive look at how to play Bananagrams, outlining rules, variations, and strategies for beginners and pros.

Step-by-step guide for playing Bananagrams

The rules of Bananagrams are simple. Players take turns trying to create a crossword grid using letter tiles until someone uses all of their tiles and shouts “Bananas!” to win. The game starts with each player drawing 21 letter tiles from the pool. When all the tiles are in play, the race to create a crossword begins.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the game, so here are some tips:

  • Always keep track of the available letter tiles left in the center pile.
  • If you get stuck, swap a tile for a new one to change up your options.
  • Plan ahead when you can, using the tiles you have and anticipating new ones.

Benefits of playing Bananagrams

Beyond providing entertainment, Bananagrams has some cognitive benefits. It’s a game that exercises your mind, improving your vocabulary, spelling, and spatial perception. Compared to Scrabble, Bananagrams has more freedom since players can rearrange their letter tiles to form a new word. Additionally, playing Bananagrams with family and friends is a great way to strengthen relationships and develop teamwork skills.

Variations of Bananagrams

Variations of Bananagrams are just as exciting as the original game. Here are some of the popular alternatives:

  • Banana Smoothie: This version has joker tiles that allow you to use them as any letter you need.
  • Bananagrams Duel: Players compete in a head-to-head match, and the person who plays all their tiles first wins.
  • Bananagrams Wild Tiles: This twist involves using wildcards where you can write down any letter you want. Players are given the same number of wild card tiles as there are letters in their name.

Best way to introduce Bananagrams to beginners

If you’re playing with children or beginners, it’s best to start with the basic version of the game. To make things more manageable, players can start using a set number of tiles at a time, gradually building up to the full 21 tiles. Another way to make the game easier is to let players create any word without penalty, so long as it extends the crossword grid.

Bananagrams for educational purposes

The educational potential of Bananagrams is enormous. Besides building vocabulary and spelling skills, it’s an engaging way to help children reach language development milestones. It’s also useful for English language learners, making it one of the best language tools for ESL classes. Teachers can utilize Bananagrams to introduce new topics, helping students build critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


As we’ve learned, Bananagrams is an entertaining and educational game that challenges your mind and helps you develop essential life skills. Whether you’re playing in a group or solo, you’re sure to have a blast.

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