May 21, 2024
Discover effective fundraising strategies for raising a church building fund, including hosting community-wide events, applying for grants, creating online fundraisers, and promoting planned giving programs.


Raising money for a church building fund can be a challenging task. Many churches have tight budgets, and building costs can be high. However, the ability to construct a new church or expand an existing one can help a congregation grow and thrive. This article will provide tips and strategies for raising funds for a church building project, including community-wide fundraising campaigns, grant applications, hosting church events, creating online fundraisers, and planned giving programs.

Organize a community-wide fundraising campaign

One of the most effective ways to raise funds for a church building project is to involve the wider community. Reaching out to local businesses and organizations can help raise awareness and support for the church’s project. Here are some tips for launching a successful fundraising initiative:

  • Set a clear goal and timeframe for the fundraising campaign. Be specific about how much money needs to be raised and by when.
  • Form a committee made up of church members, community leaders, and volunteers to help plan and implement the fundraising campaign.
  • Host fundraising events, such as a bake sale, a silent auction, or a concert.
  • Use social media and email newsletters to promote the fundraising campaign and keep supporters updated on progress.
  • Offer incentives to donors, such as naming rights for parts of the new building or recognition in the church bulletin.

Apply for grants

Another way to raise funds for a church building project is to apply for grants. Government, foundation, and corporate grants are available to faith-based organizations, and researching and applying for relevant grants can provide a significant source of funding. Here are some tips for applying for grants:

  • Research grants through sources such as the Foundation Center or the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance.
  • Identify which grant opportunities match the church’s goals and objectives.
  • Contact grantmakers to ask questions and get more information about their grant programs.
  • Write a compelling grant proposal that clearly outlines the church’s need for the grant, how the funds will be used, and expected outcomes.
  • Follow up with grantmakers after submitting proposals to thank them for their consideration and inquire about the status of the proposal.

Host church events and activities

Hosting events and activities can be an effective way to both raise funds and promote community involvement. Here are some suggestions for event and activity ideas:

  • Host a community dinner or potluck with a suggested donation per attendee.
  • Organize a talent show or talent auction with members and community volunteers contributing their skills and talents for the fundraiser.
  • Coordinate a charity walk or fun run, where participants get family and friends to sponsor their walk or run for the cause.
  • Host an arts and crafts fair, with members selling handmade items and donating a portion of proceeds to the building fund.

Encouraging member involvement is key to the success of these events. Church members can help by volunteering to organize and publicize the event, donating items for auction or sale, and inviting friends and family to attend. Providing opportunities for volunteers to contribute their skills and talents can also help motivate engagement and investment in the church’s project.

Create online fundraisers

Online platforms can be a valuable resource for promoting fundraising campaigns and engaging with supporters. Here are some strategies for creating effective online fundraising initiatives:

  • Set up an online donation platform, such as GoFundMe or Kickstarter, to make it easy for supporters to contribute to the building project.
  • Use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to spread awareness and updates about the project.
  • Create engaging and compelling posts and messages to encourage followers and friends to contribute to the fundraiser or share it with their network.

Developing creative and engaging social media posts, sharing “behind-the-scenes” updates about the building progress, and offering exclusive incentives for online donors can help keep supporters engaged and invested in the church’s project.

Consider planned giving programs

Planned giving programs offer a way for church members to contribute to the building project over time. Here are some tips for developing and promoting planned giving programs:

  • Work with a financial planner or advisor to develop a planned giving program that meets the church’s needs and goals.
  • Provide information about the planned giving program in the church bulletin, on the church website, and in other communications.
  • Encourage members to consider making a planned gift as part of their estate planning.
  • Offer incentives and recognition for those who participate in the program, such as naming rights for parts of the building or recognition in the church bulletin.

Planned giving programs can provide a consistent and reliable source of funding for a church building project over time. Encouraging members to consider planned giving as part of their overall financial planning can help foster a culture of giving and commitment to the church’s mission.


Raising funds for a church building project can be a daunting task, but with careful planning and strategic implementation, it is possible to achieve the necessary funds to bring the church’s vision to life. Engaging the community through fundraising campaigns and events, applying for grants, creating online fundraisers, and promoting planned giving programs all offer valuable opportunities for building support and raising funds. With persistence and dedication, the dream of a new or expanded church building can become a reality.

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