March 3, 2024
Discover the best way to remove polygel nails with this step-by-step DIY guide. Learn about different methods, expert tips, and more.


Polygel nails, also known as acrylic gel nails, are a type of manicure that offers long-lasting, durable results. They are popular among nail enthusiasts because they provide a sleek, natural look while still being strong enough to endure daily wear and tear. However, removing polygel nails can be a challenging task that must be accomplished with care to avoid damaging natural nails. This article will explore the different methods of removing polygel nails, offering a simple, step-by-step DIY guide.

5 Simple Steps to Remove Polygel Nails at Home

Here’s an easy guide on how to remove polygel nails at home:

Step 1: Using a file, gently file the top layer of the nails to remove any shine.

Step 2: Apply acetone to the nails. You can use a cotton pad soaked in pure acetone or apply acetone nail polish remover.

Step 3: Cut small squares of aluminum foil to wrap around each nail, securely enclosing the nail with the acetone-soaked cotton pad.

Step 4: Wait for 15-20 minutes. The length of time may vary between individuals and thickness of the polygel nails.

Step 5: Gently remove the foil, and use a cuticle pusher or an orange stick to carefully remove the polygel from the nails.

DIY Guide: How to Remove Polygel Nails Without Damaging Your Natural Nails

If you’re worried about using acetone, or if you have delicate nails, there are alternative methods for removing polygel nails at home. These include:

  • Using a nail buffer to remove the top layer of polygel
  • Soaking your nails in warm water and using a cuticle pusher to gently remove the polygel

7 Effective and Safe Methods to Remove Polygel Nails Yourself

Here are some additional tips to ensure your polygel nail removal is safe and effective.

  • Pure acetone is likely to remove the polygel faster, but be mindful it’s more harsh on your nails and skin
  • Avoid using non-acetone nail polish remover as it may not be strong enough to remove the polygel nails
  • Beginners should start with the least harsh method of removal before using a more rigorous tactic

The Ultimate Guide to Removing Polygel Nails at Home

For those who want more detailed information on how to remove polygel nails, here are the instructions for each method:

  • File Method: File the tops of your polygel nails to erase the shine. Buff the surface of each nail until it loses its sheen finish and appears matte.
  • Acetone Soak Method: Apply acetone with a cotton ball or swab to your nails like nail polish. Wait for 15-20 minutes before removing the nails from the foil wrap. Rub out the polygel from your nails using a gentle cuticle pusher or an orange stick.
  • Buff method: Buff off the polygel nails with a nail buffer or a sanding block. Rub each nail until the polygel becomes thin and smooth.
  • Soak method: Soak your nails in warm water for about 20 minutes. Use a cuticle pusher or orange stick to scrap away the polygel. Repeat the process in case there are fragments left on your nails.
  • Acetone & Denture Tab Method: Combine denture tabs with acetone in a bowl and mix well. Soak your nails in this solution for about 20 minutes before rubbing off the polygel gently.
  • Cuticle Oil Method: Apply cuticle oil to the edge of your nail bed where the polygel is connected. Soak your nails in warm water for some time, and gently push away the polygel with a cuticle pusher.
  • Cut Up Method: Cut up the polygel nails into small pieces with a scissor and remove each piece using a cuticle pusher or orange stick. Follow up with a nail buffer or sanding block around the edges of your nails.

While removing polygel nails, it’s easy to make errors. Below are some common mistakes to avoid:

  • Don’t forcibly remove the polygel from the nail as this could damage your natural nails
  • Don’t use sharp tools to scrape off the polygel
  • Don’t use hot water to soak your nails, as it could damage your skin
  • Don’t use your fingernails to scrape away the polygel as it can seriously harm your natural nails.

Step-by-Step Instructions: How to Remove Polygel Nails Without Going to a Salon

For those who prefer to do things independently, here is a step-by-step guide for removing polygel nails:

  1. Buff the tops of your nails with a sanding block or nail file
  2. Place a cotton pad or ball into a small bowl of acetone
  3. Soak your fingernails in acetone for around 20 minutes
  4. Wrap each finger with aluminum foil for around 20-30 minutes
  5. Pull away the foil and gently use an orange stick to push away the polygel starting with the top coat.
  6. If there is polygel remaining, buff it away with a nail buffer

Remember, patience is a critical aspect of this process. Also, if you are stuck or just overwhelmed, always seek professional assistance.

Quick and Easy Ways to Remove Polygel Nails from Your Nails

If you are in a hurry, there are a few quick and easy ways to remove polygel nails:

  • Use acetone-soaked cotton balls and aluminum foil to wrap around a nail. Try to manage the setup time upon application.
  • Cut up polygel nails and use cotton balls or pads soaked in acetone for nail removal.

It’s critical to note that the quick and easy ways may not be the best way to remove your polygel nails. These methods are excellent in time management but are usually less effective than traditional removal techniques.

Expert Tips for Removing Polygel Nails Without Causing Harm to Your Nails
Expert Tips for Removing Polygel Nails Without Causing Harm to Your Nails

Expert Tips for Removing Polygel Nails Without Causing Harm to Your Nails

Expert manicurists recommend the following methods to remove polygel nails safely:

  • Use pure acetone instead of non-acetone nail polish remover
  • Do not use sharp tools like metal sticks or files to scrape off the polygel
  • Gently remove polygel nails by pushing it away from the nail plate using a cuticle pusher or an orange stick

The safety of your nails comes first when removing polygel manicures. If necessary, seek professional assistance.


In conclusion, removing polygel nails does not have to be a challenging task, but it requires patience and the right techniques specific to your preferences. Before removing your polygel nails, ensure you have the appropriate equipment and chose the best removal method for you to achieve the optimal results.

Remember to avoid aggressive methods that can harm your natural nails. It is best to use the recommended gentle techniques, like using a nail buffer, applying cuticle oil, or soaking your nails in warm water to safely and effectively remove your polygel nails.

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