June 17, 2024
Get ready for Super Bowl 2021 with this guide on how to stream the game, overcome common streaming difficulties, and enjoy the halftime show. Discover tips for making the perfect party, streaming services that provide the game's best access, and historical moments that have defined the Super Bowl's legacy.


The Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated sports events of the year. Millions of people worldwide eagerly anticipate this game, with many seeking ways to tune in from the comfort of their homes. With the abundance of streaming options available, streaming the Super Bowl is now easier than ever. The purpose of this article is to provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to watch the Super Bowl online and make sure you don’t miss a moment of this exciting event.

How to Stream the Super Bowl on Various Devices

Streaming the Super Bowl is possible on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smart TVs. Here’s a step-by-step guide to streaming the game on each device.

Smartphones and Tablets

  1. Download the NFL App on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Click and select “Watch” to access the streaming options.
  3. Log in with your television provider account credentials.
  4. Select “Super Bowl LV” to start streaming the game.

Laptops and Desktops

  1. Go to CBSSports.com and click on “Watch Now” to access the live stream.
  2. Sign in with your television provider account credentials.

Smart TVs

  1. Download the CBS All Access App on your smart TV.
  2. Sign in with your CBS All Access account credentials or try the seven-day free trial.
  3. Select “Live TV” to access the Super Bowl LV live stream.

Remember always to check your network speed and stability for smoother streaming.

Highlighting Different Streaming Services that Offer Access to the Super Bowl

Various streaming services provide access to the Super Bowl. These include Hulu Live, YouTube TV, Sling TV, and CBS All Access.

Hulu Live and YouTube TV

Both Hulu Live and YouTube TV provide access to CBS, the network broadcasting the Super Bowl, along with many other popular channels. Hulu Live costs $64.99 per month, while YouTube TV costs $64.99 per month as well, both can offer a free trial.

Sling TV

Sling TV offers two packages with CBS included as an add-on from $10 per month. Sling TV’s pricing plans range from $35 to $50 per month, with a 3-day free trial.

CBS All Access

CBS All Access is also a viable option, with a free 7-day trial for new subscribers, then $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year.

Each of these services differs on platform availability, channel offerings, and pricing. They all offer competitive packages that might fit each specific taste.

Tips for Overcoming Common Streaming Issues

Common streaming issues can quickly ruin the Super Bowl watching experience. The following are practical suggestions for overcoming these problems.


Close other applications or web pages to free up your Internet bandwidth and minimize the risk of buffering.

Poor Video Quality

Adjusting the video quality settings can alleviate poor video quality, some services only offer up to 1080p, while others can offer up to 4k.

Network Lag

Optimizing your network connection can improve network lag. One way is to minimize the number of devices connected and reducing bandwidth-intensive activities during the game.

Commercials and Halftime Show

The Super Bowl commercials are just as much a part of the event as the game itself. Many viewers look forward to the creative and humorous commercials aired during the game. In addition, the halftime show has always been one of the most anticipated performances every year. This year, The Weeknd is set to perform.

Where to Watch the Commercials

If you missed the commercials during the live broadcast, there are various sites like YouTube and social media platforms where customers can re-watch the commercials.

Recipes, Drinks, and Decorations for a Super Bowl Party at Home

Watching the Super Bowl from home is the perfect setting for enjoying some yummy food and creative drinks. Here are some ideas for making sure that your Super Bowl party at home is unforgettable.

Food and Snacks

Classic snacks like chips, wings, and pizza are undeniably at home on the Super Bowl party table. But customers can offer alternatives like a cauliflower crust pizza or grilled chicken skewers to cater to various preferences.


Beer and soda are the classic Super Bowl party drink options. However, other craft beer and wine options are gaining popularity as well. Non-alcoholic beverages can also be served as an alternative.

Historical Context and Notable Moments of the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl has a rich history that has evolved throughout the years. In 2021, the Super Bowl is set to take place for its 55th time. The game’s innovations, legendary players, and unforgettable moments make this yearly event more than just a sports game.


In conclusion, the Super Bowl is an event full of excitement that can be easily streamed. A variety of services are available through different platforms to suit customer preferences. Customers should remember to check their connectivity for a better streaming experience. Celebrating the Super Bowl at home with some creative treats and decorations can make the day even more enjoyable. Lastly, the Super Bowl’s rich history makes it more than just a yearly sports event. Try streaming the Super Bowl and enjoy this one-of-a-kind event.

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