May 22, 2024
Are you a student looking for ways to access CourseHero for free? Our comprehensive guide explores ethical considerations, other resources that can supplement CourseHero, alternative study aids, a critique of CourseHero as a learning aid and legal ways to view CourseHero materials for free.


CourseHero is a highly useful online resource for students and educators. With millions of study materials, including lecture notes, practice exams, and flashcards, it can help students excel in their academic work. However, CourseHero requires a subscription fee for access, which can be costly for some students. In this article, we will explore various ways to view CourseHero for free. We will discuss ethical considerations, other resources that can supplement CourseHero, alternative study aids, a critique of CourseHero as a learning aid, and legal ways to view CourseHero materials for free. Our goal is to provide alternatives for those who cannot afford a subscription to CourseHero but still need academic support.

Ethical Considerations of Using CourseHero for Free

Before we begin discussing how to view CourseHero for free, it is important to understand the ethical considerations of accessing copyrighted materials without paying for them. It is essential to respect intellectual property rights and pay for access to resources that we use to support creators. CourseHero invests considerable time and resources into creating an extensive library of materials that students can access. Therefore, it is unethical to access CourseHero without paying for it. Additionally, using CourseHero without paying for it can have legal consequences such as potential lawsuits from CourseHero’s owners. Therefore, it is important to weigh the benefits of using CourseHero for free versus the risks of violating intellectual property rights and laws.

How to Use Other Resources to Supplement CourseHero

Fortunately, there are other resources available that can supplement CourseHero for students looking for free options. Websites such as Quizlet, Khan Academy, OpenStax, and Chegg offer free or low-cost resources that can help students learn. Supplementing CourseHero with these resources can provide an alternative way of accessing material and studying. For instance, Quizlet offers millions of study resources, including study guides, flashcards, and quizzes. It is an excellent way of reinforcing the materials learned in class and practicing for exams. Khan Academy is another excellent resource that offers free lessons, exercises, and videos on topics ranging from math to history. OpenStax provides free textbooks for various subjects, and Chegg offers free online tutoring. Therefore, even if a student cannot afford a CourseHero subscription, they can still leverage other free online resources to supplement their learning.

A Review of Alternative Study Aids to Replace CourseHero

While other resources can supplement CourseHero, students might also consider finding alternative study aids to replace CourseHero. These alternatives provide targeted solutions for specific needs, unlike CourseHero’s broad offerings. For instance, the Feynman Technique is an alternative study aid that teaches students how to learn. It involves breaking down complex topics into simpler concepts to help understand them better. Pomodoro technique is another study aid that involves working in intervals to maximize productivity. It is ideal for students who struggle with procrastination. Other alternative study aids include Cram, StudyBlue, and StudyStack. Cram provides flashcard learning while StudyBlue offers peer-to-peer learning. StudyStack provides games that help students learn challenging concepts in a fun way.

A Critique of CourseHero as a Learning Aid

While CourseHero is an excellent online resource that provides access to a vast library of materials to students, it has its limitations and might not be worth its cost. One major limitation is the quality of content. Some content might be outdated, incorrect or incomplete, leading to confusion for students. CourseHero also does not offer student-tailored solutions and is not customizable to an individual’s specific needs. Additionally, CourseHero’s search functionality is not always reliable, making it time-consuming to find relevant material. Therefore, it might be challenging for students to get the most out of CourseHero for the cost of access. However, it is still an excellent resource for students to supplement their learning and complete their coursework.

Legal and Safe Ways to View CourseHero Materials for Free

Finally, we will provide some legal and safe ways for students to view CourseHero materials for free. One solution is to sign up for a free trial. CourseHero offers a free trial for first-time users, giving them access to their library for a limited time. However, students should be mindful of when the trial ends to avoid if they plan on canceling the subscription before they get billed. Another option is to participate in CourseHero’s own peer-sharing program. Students can share their own study materials and in return, gain free access to other materials on the platform. There are also free online tools such as Slideshare, Scribd, and DocStoc that offer study resources that might overlap with CourseHero. Students can use these tools to review relevant materials without having to pay for access.


In conclusion, CourseHero is an excellent resource for students and educators. However, the cost of subscribing to the platform can be out-of-reach for some students. Our guide provides various alternatives and solutions that can help supplement CourseHero, thus ensuring that students can maximize their academic potential, regardless of their financial situation. Nonetheless, students should remember the importance of respecting intellectual property rights and weigh the cost of accessing CourseHero for free versus paying for it. By paying for access to resources like CourseHero, students support the creators and maintain access to quality materials. Therefore, we encourage students to make an informed decision based on their needs and financial situation.

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