June 15, 2024
This article is a comprehensive guide to waiting in Fallout 4. It offers step-by-step instructions on how to wait in the game, discusses the reasons and benefits of waiting, explains the game mechanics behind waiting, and provides strategies for managing time while waiting. Additionally, it compares Fallout 4's waiting feature to those of other popular open-world games.


Waiting is a significant aspect of gameplay in Fallout 4. It allows players to pass the time to perform various tasks, activities, or missions conveniently. Some players find waiting to be mundane or a hindrance to gameplay progress. However, it’s an essential and beneficial feature that can advance the game’s storyline and enhance the gaming experience. The aim of this article is to provide a comprehensive guide on waiting in Fallout 4 to help players understand how to use it effectively and manage their time while waiting in-game.

Step-by-Step Guide to Waiting in Fallout 4

Waiting in the game is quite simple. It’s important to note that waiting can only occur if the character has a place to wait. This means that you need to locate a bed, a chair, or a couch where the character can rest. Once you have found a location to rest, follow these steps:

  1. PC Players: Press the “T” key to bring up the Wait Menu.
    • Console Players: Hold down the “View” button (Xbox One) or “Touchpad” button (PlayStation 4) to bring up the Wait Menu.
  2. Select the number of hours you want to wait. You can set it from one to twenty-four hours.
  3. Wait. Your character will take a seat or lay down to rest, and the waiting time will pass.

Alternatively, PC players can use console commands to wait. Press the “~” key, type “Wait” followed by the number of hours to wait, then press Enter. For example, “Wait 12” will wait for twelve hours.

You can view the current time and wait duration by pressing the “T” key (PC) or holding down the “View” button (Xbox One) or “Touchpad” button (PlayStation 4) while in the Wait Menu.

Reasons and Scenarios to Wait in Fallout 4

Waiting in Fallout 4 offers various advantages to the player. It allows them to perform activities and missions that require specific times. Additionally, waiting can help increase the chance of encountering enemies, NPCs, and events. Here are some common situations where waiting might be useful:

  • Waiting for stores and vendors to open.
  • Waiting for the daylight for better visibility while exploring.
  • Waiting for companions to arrive at a location.
  • Waiting for missions or objectives that perform only at specific hours.

Mechanics of Waiting in Fallout 4

When you wait in Fallout 4, the in-game clock advances similarly to players moving from one place to another. The game world continues to evolve even during the waiting period as NPCs and enemies follow their schedules, and events or missions can occur. For instance, if the player waits until daylight, the game world will reflect the change, with more visibility and better lighting conditions. Another example is if the player waits until nighttime. The game world will shift into a different mode, with different enemies encountered.

Developers of Fallout 4 faced many challenges during the creation of the waiting feature. Some of these include maintaining accuracy in the game’s timeline, ensuring the flow of day and night cycle, ensuring events, and the schedule of NPCs occur even during waiting periods.

Strategies to Manage Your Time While Waiting

Waiting does not have to be boring. You can use this time to perform various activities and perform your character’s needs. Here are some strategies that can help you manage your time while waiting:

  • Craft or Repair Weapons and Armor: Dismantle unnecessary items and use the resources to improve your armor or weapons.
  • Improve Skills: Perform various actions that can improve your character’s skills, such as picking locks, hacking terminals, or cooking food.
  • Read a Book: If you have books or comics in your inventory, this could be a perfect time to read one and regular magazine skills.
  • Organize Inventory: Sort and manage your inventory to avoid confusion and increase game efficiency.

Comparison to Waiting Features in Other Games

Fallout 4 differs in waiting mechanics compared to other popular open-world games. In some games, players could wait by accessing the character’s menu and selecting the waiting option without necessarily finding a location to rest. For instance, in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, players can wait without a bed or a chair, and they can set the waiting time by the hour, day, or week. In Grand Theft Auto V, players who want to wait must locate a bed or a save point and perform eight hours to fully have their character’s energy and alertness.

The Humorous Side of Waiting in Fallout 4

Despite being an essential feature, waiting in Fallout 4 can be hilariously absurd. Players have shared their stories on waiting for the weirdest, most insignificant things in the game, such as waiting for a tree stump to regenerate or waiting for a companion to finish a conversation with an NPC. Although waiting for insignificant things might seem useless, it also provides a sense of realism and adds to the game’s immersive experience.


Waiting is an important aspect of Fallout 4. This article provided a comprehensive guide on how to wait in the game, the reasons and benefits of waiting, waiting mechanics, strategies to manage time while waiting, a comparison to waiting features in other games, and offered some amusement as to the humorous side of it. By implementing the tips provided in this article, players would be able to optimize their time while waiting and enjoy the waiting experience in Fallout 4.

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