April 25, 2024
Learn top tips and tricks for watching the beloved anime classic Spirited, from watching in a calming environment to truly appreciating its spirituality. Discover different ways to enhance your experience, enjoy the movie with friends and family, and understand its cultural and spiritual significance.


Spirited Away, directed by Hayao Miyazaki, is a critically acclaimed anime film that has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. The movie is not just a masterpiece in animation and storytelling, but it is a visual treat that immerses viewers in a world of spirits and magic. With its detailed animation, powerful themes, and spiritual undertones, Spirited Away offers a complete cinematic experience that is unmatched by most films.

However, to fully appreciate the movie, it is essential to know how to watch it. In this article, we provide comprehensive tips and tricks that can enhance your viewing experience of Spirited Away. So, let’s dive into it!

7 Simple Ways to Watch Spirited and Get the Most Out of It

Before we delve into the ultimate guide to Spirited Away, let’s first explore some simple ways for watching the movie in a pleasing environment:

1. Watch in a calming environment

Find a quiet spot that is free from any distractions, where you can watch Spirited Away without any interruptions. Ensure that you are not disturbed by anyone or anything so you can immerse yourself in the magic of the movie.

2. Use noise-cancelling headphones

Using noise-cancelling headphones can offer a more immersive auditory experience of the movie. With headphones, you can concentrate better on the music, sound effects, and dialogue without any external distractions.

3. Watch with subtitles

Watching Spirited Away with subtitles is an enriching experience. You can appreciate the original Japanese dialogue and the subtitles allow you to understand the nuances of the language and culture.

4. Watch with a friend who also loves Spirited

Watching a movie with a friend who shares the same interests as you can double the enjoyment. You can discuss the scenes and themes and share your thoughts and impressions with each other.

5. Research the cultural significance of Spirited

Spirited Away is deeply rooted in Japanese culture, history, and mythology. Researching the significance of the themes, symbols, and characters can give you a deeper understanding of the world that Miyazaki has created.

6. Take breaks during the movie

Taking breaks during the movie can help you in settling your thoughts and emotions. You can reflect on the scenes and relish their nuances, which can enhance your overall viewing experience.

7. Reflect on the movie after watching

After watching the movie, take some time to reflect on the storyline, characters, themes, and how it speaks to you. You can ruminate on your thoughts and feelings and how it relates to your own life. This can provide you with a deeper appreciation of the movie.

The Ultimate Guide to Watching Spirited: 7 Tips You Need to Know

If you want to watch Spirited away like a pro, here’s a comprehensive guide with the essential tips that you need to know:

1. Understand the movie’s themes and symbols

Spirited Away is known for its intricate themes and symbols. Take some time to understand and appreciate the metaphors, cultural references, and symbols used in the movie. Miyazaki uses cultural symbols and themes such as Japanese folklore and Shinto beliefs to develop the storyline and create a magical world.

2. Pay attention to the music

Joe Hisaishi’s music is an integral part of Spirited Away, and its score complements the scenes aptly. Pay close attention to the music, focusing on the emotions that the melody evokes. The music can direct your attention to specific scenes or symbolism to fully appreciate the storytelling.

3. Analyze the animation

Spirited Away boasts visuals that stand out with ingeniousness and creativity. Miyazaki’s vision for the animation is impeccable. In turn, pay attention to the meticulous details and the incredible animation that Miyazaki hides throughout the movie. Take note of how the animation is used to convey themes and emotions within the storyline.

4. Get familiar with the movie’s timeline

The timeline of the movie can be confusing as the movie takes place in a different world with different rules. Take some time to analyze and understand the movie’s sequence so as not to miss the significant points. Examine how time passes in the film and track the changes in the characters and their relationships within that time.

5. Identify the protagonist and antagonist

Identify the main characters, their roles, and the relationship between the protagonist and the antagonist. Follow their development throughout the movie. When viewers have a clear understanding of a movie’s main characters and their relationships, they better appreciate how character growth affects the entire plot.

6. Embrace the movie’s unique storytelling style

Miyazaki’s films use a different form of storytelling, one that’s not very common in western animation. The director is known for his ability to tell a complex story in an indirect way. The movie’s storytelling can be more challenging to follow initially, but embracing Miyazaki’s technique will improve your viewing experience considerably.

7. Keep an open mind throughout the movie

Spirited Away’s supernatural realm is split between contrasting settings: night and day or good and evil. Miyazaki makes use of this split to provide social commentary on topics such as environmentalism or isolationism. Keeping an open mind to the film’s juxtaposed themes creates an opportunity for a greater understanding of the movie’s complexities.

7 Ways to Enhance Your Experience Watching Spirited

Enhance your viewing experience, relax, and relish the movie with these tips:

1. Watch with a bowl of your favorite snack

Indulge in your favorite snack while watching the movie. It helps to elevate your vibe while immersing yourself in the storyline.

2. Mute your phone to avoid distractions

Turn off your phone or put it on mute while watching Spirited so that you won’t be distracted by phone calls or text messages.

3. Watch in a comfortable position

Watch Spirited Away in a comfortable position, like on a recliner or sofa. Also, make sure you’re relaxed and free from fatigue, as the movie requires your full attention.

4. Use a large screen or projector

Watching the movie on a large screen, such as a projector or a TV, will enhance the visual experience and make the animations look even more stunning.

5. Read the original manga before watching the movie

The manga offers extra insight, providing more exposure to the characters and storyline, adding depth to your overall viewing experience.

6. Meditate before watching the movie

Meditating before watching the movie helps one to focus on their emotions, get in tune with their feelings, and bring a sense of peace to the mind.

7. Watch in a theater or with a group of friends

Seeing the movie on the big screen delivers a unique experience and can make the scenes feel more real. If you can’t make it to the theater, you can have an awesome time with friends, appreciating the movie’s breathtaking visuals with the best company.

The Best Methods for Watching Spirited and How to Implement Them

Here are even more ways to maximize your Spirited viewing experience:

1. Watch on a high-quality screen

The first and foremost rule of watching Spirited Away is to select the appropriate viewing device. Choose gadgets such as Smart TVs, laptops, tablets, or smartphones that display high-resolution images as it elevates the overall experience of the viewer.

2. Use surround sound speakers

Pair your viewing experience with surround sound speakers to create that movie theater-like experience in your home. The impressive sound does more than just adding weight to the visuals, it creates an immersive experience that draws you deeper into the movie.

3. Adjust the brightness and contrast of your screen

Sometimes, the screen display of the device might make it challenging to access the visuals correctly. Adjusting the brightness and contrast of the screen makes the visuals clearer and more vibrant, allowing you to see every detail in full clarity.

4. Turn off any other devices that may distract you

Turn off every other device that might get in the way of your concentration. No one wants to miss a crucial moment in Spirited Away!

5. Watch during the day to appreciate the colors of the movie

Spirited Away is a visual feast, with its vibrant and unique color patterns. Watching it during the day in natural sunlight enhances the overall effect on the visuals and makes them more prominent.

6. Pause and rewind during the movie to analyze certain scenes

Analyzing a particular scene can be challenging without the ability to pause or rewind. The freedom to pause or rewind any scene in the movie can help you a great deal in analyzing it and may help you see things you missed earlier.

7. Watch in a language you are comfortable with

Watching Spirited Away in a language you are comfortable with helps you understand the nuances of the story and dialogue. Choose your preferred language to ensure an uncomplicated and immersive experience of the movie.

7 Ideas for Making Your Spirited Viewing Experience More Enjoyable

Have a novel viewing experience with these enjoyable ideas:

1. Dress up in Spirited-themed clothing

Wear Spirited-themed clothing to get into the movie’s spirit and immerse yourself in the magical world that Miyazaki has created.

2. Create your own Spirited-inspired snacks

Create your own Spirited-inspired snacks, including onigiri, rice balls, and sushi rolls. Doing so adds a fun component to your viewing experience, and it also includes foods seen in the movie itself.


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