June 14, 2024
Learn more about Apple Fitness+ and whether it's worth the investment. Read a comprehensive review and guide to the app's features, benefits, and unique selling points. Compare it to other popular fitness apps and get an expert's opinion on why it's significant.


Apple Fitness+ is a new workout app that has gained significant attention since its release. However, many people are still questioning the value of investing in yet another fitness app, especially with so many options already available on the market. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of Apple Fitness+ and help readers decide whether this app is worth their time and money.

Top 5 Reasons Why Apple Fitness+ is Worth the Investment

Apple Fitness+ offers a unique and high-quality fitness experience that sets it apart from other workout apps. Here are the top five reasons why it’s worth forking out for this app.

  1. Professional Instructors: Apple Fitness+ features world-class trainers that will not only help you reach your fitness goals, but also keep you motivated throughout your session with their expertise and encouraging style.
  2. Variety of Workouts: The app offers a diverse range of workouts, including HIIT, yoga, core, dance, and strength training, giving users the opportunity to try out different styles and find the one that works best for them.
  3. Integration with Apple Watch: Apple Fitness+ is designed to work seamlessly with Apple Watch, making it easier for users to track their metrics, sync their data, and access customised recommendations.
  4. Personalisation: With Apple Fitness+, you can tailor your workout experience according to your preferences, goals, and fitness level. This makes it more effective and less frustrating than generic workout apps that don’t take individual differences into account.
  5. Community Building: Apple Fitness+ offers a social component as well, which allows users to share their fitness journey with friends, family, and other users, create customised challenges, and stay accountable.

A Detailed Review of Apple Fitness+: Is It Worth Your Time and Money?

Now let’s dive into a detailed review of Apple Fitness+. Here, we will examine its various aspects, including workouts, instructors, integration with Apple Watch, and personalisation, and analyse their pros and cons.


The workouts on Apple Fitness+ are varied, dynamic, and engaging. They are well-presented, with clear instructions and demos, and are suited for both beginners and advanced users. Users can choose from ten different workout styles, pick their favourite trainer, adjust the duration and intensity of their session, and track their progress throughout. The workouts also include hit songs, which makes them more enjoyable and immersive.


The trainers on Apple Fitness+ are exceptional. They are charismatic, knowledgeable, and relatable, and they provide users with real-time feedback, form correction, and motivational cues. They also follow a progressive format, which gradually builds up intensity and challenges users to push themselves harder. Whether you’re a fan of yoga, strength training, or dance, you’re sure to find a trainer that resonates with you on Apple Fitness+.

Integration with Apple Watch

Apple Fitness+ is tightly integrated with Apple Watch, which serves as a hub for tracking your workouts, monitoring your health metrics, and receiving notifications. The integration also means that users can take advantage of unique features such as Fitness+, which shows users how many calories they’ve burned during their session, and Activity Rings, which provides a visual snapshot of their daily progress. Additionally, users can access exclusive workouts that use Apple Watch’s sensors, such as high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and treadmill training.


One of the unique selling points of Apple Fitness+ is its personalisation feature. Users can customise their workout according to their goals, fitness level, equipment, and mood. For example, if you’re looking to improve your core strength, you can select the core workout type and choose the duration of your session, your favourite trainer, and the music that motivates you. Additionally, Apple Fitness+ recommends workouts based on your previous sessions, heart rate data, and fitness history, allowing you to discover new exercises that are tailored to your preferences.

Apple Fitness+ vs. Other Popular Fitness Apps: Which is the Best Value?

Now let’s compare Apple Fitness+ to other popular fitness apps, including Peloton, Nike Training Club, and Fitbit Coach, and find out which one offers the best value for money.


Peloton is known for its premium indoor cycling classes that feature high-energy music, competitive challenges, and immersive settings. It also offers a variety of other workout types, including yoga, strength training, and running, and allows users to connect with instructors and fellow riders through its live and on-demand classes. However, Peloton requires a more significant upfront investment, as users need to purchase its expensive equipment (such as the Peloton Bike or Tread) to access the classes. Peloton also has a subscription fee of $39 per month, which is higher than Apple Fitness+.

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club (NTC) is a free workout app that offers a wide range of workouts and training plans designed by Nike Master Trainers. It also features a personalised workout plan recommendation based on users’ fitness goals and preferences. However, NTC’s workouts can be less varied and polished than Apple Fitness+’s, and it doesn’t offer the same integration with Apple Watch or the community-building features.

Fitbit Coach

Fitbit Coach is a subscription-based app that offers workout videos, audio coaching, and personalised plans according to users’ fitness level and health data. It also tracks users’ progress and sends reminders to keep them accountable. However, Fitbit Coach’s workouts can be limited in scope and may not appeal to everyone. It also requires users to have a Fitbit device to track their metrics, which can be a disadvantage for those who don’t own one.

The Science Behind Apple Fitness+: How It Motivates, Educates, and Delivers Results

Apple Fitness+ is not only enjoyable and convenient, but also effective in achieving fitness goals. Here’s why:


Apple Fitness+ uses various methods to keep users motivated and engaged throughout their workout. For example, the trainers use positive reinforcement, such as cheering users on and acknowledging their efforts, to boost their morale. The app also employs gamification elements, such as badges and challenges, to make the workout experience more fun and competitive. Additionally, Apple Fitness+ has a community component where users can share their progress, compete with friends, and get support from fellow users.


Apple Fitness+ is not just about working out but also about educating users on how to stay healthy and fit. The trainers provide valuable tips and insights on topics such as nutrition, recovery, and mindset, to help users adopt a holistic approach to fitness. The app also offers Apple Music playlists curated by the trainers, which can help users stay motivated even outside of their workout sessions.


Finally, Apple Fitness+ delivers results. Users have reported significant improvements in their fitness levels, as well as weight loss, muscle gain, and increased energy. The app also provides data and insights on users’ progress, making it easier for them to track their achievements and set new goals.

Apple Fitness+: A Comprehensive Guide to Its Features and Benefits

Apple Fitness+ offers various features and benefits that make it a comprehensive and compelling workout app. Here are some of the most notable ones:

Workout Types

Apple Fitness+ offers ten different workout types, including High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Yoga, Dance, Treadmill, and Rowing. Each workout is designed to challenge users of all levels and provide a well-rounded fitness experience.


Apple Fitness+ features a roster of world-class trainers who bring their unique expertise and style to each workout. They provide personalised coaching, real-time feedback, and form correction to help users maximise their potential.

Apple Watch Integration

Apple Fitness+ is designed to work seamlessly with Apple Watch, allowing users to track their metrics, sync their data, and access customised recommendations. This integration also enables features such as Activity Rings, Heart Rate Monitoring, and Fitness+, which shows users how many calories they burn during their session.


Apple Fitness+ allows users to customise their workout according to their preferences, goals, and fitness level. Users can choose their favourite trainer, adjust the duration and intensity of their session, and select the music that motivates them. The app also recommends workouts based on users’ previous sessions and fitness history.

Community Building

Apple Fitness+ offers a social component as well, enabling users to connect with friends, family, and other users, share their progress, create customised challenges, and stay motivated and accountable.

Why Apple Fitness+ Will Change the Way You Exercise: An Expert’s Opinion

We interviewed a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast, James Smith, to get his opinion on Apple Fitness+ and why it’s a significant addition to the fitness landscape.

According to James, Apple Fitness+ has disrupted the traditional gym landscape by offering an immersive and interactive workout experience that’s both effective and enjoyable. He praised the quality of the trainers, the range of workouts, and the integration with Apple Watch, and believes that the app’s personalisation feature sets it apart from other workout apps. He also thinks that the community-building aspect of Apple Fitness+ is crucial in keeping users motivated and accountable.


After reviewing the different aspects of Apple Fitness+, we can safely say that it’s a valuable and compelling workout app that’s worth the investment. Its unique selling points, including the quality of the instructors, the range of workouts, and the personalisation and community building features, make it stand out from other workout apps. However, it’s essential to note that not everyone will find Apple Fitness+ equally appealing, and some may prefer other workout apps that suit their specific needs and preferences better. That’s why we recommend that readers try Apple Fitness+ for themselves and see if it’s the right fit for them.

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