June 18, 2024
Is Google Earth Pro free? The answer is yes! This comprehensive guide will explore everything you need to know about Google Earth Pro, including its features, benefits, how to use it, and what requires a paid subscription. Learn how to explore the world, measure distances, and areas for free.


Google Earth Pro offers users an amazing experience of exploring planet Earth from high above. Although Google Earth has been around since 2001, the introduction of Google Earth Pro provides a more powerful, accurate, and feature-rich experience that includes 3D mapping, increased and more detailed satellite imagery, higher resolution printing, GPS support, high-definition video, and more. In this article, we will explore the most frequently asked question, “Is Google Earth Pro really free?” and provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to use Google Earth Pro, its free features, its advantages and disadvantages, and what requires a paid subscription.

Exploring the Benefits of Google Earth Pro: Is the Software Really Free?

Google Earth Pro, as the name suggests, is a professional version of Google Earth designed for users who need high-precision imagery and powerful geographic analysis tools. So, is Google Earth Pro free? Yes, and no.
While Google Earth is free, Google Earth Pro requires a subscription. However, since 2015, Google Earth Pro is available for free and can be downloaded on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Additionally, the free version of Google Earth Pro does not require you to enter a license key.

The benefits of Google Earth Pro are numerous, and the free version is no exception. The software has revolutionized the way we explore the world and used for various purposes such as education, tourism, navigation, business, and more. Thanks to Google Earth Pro, users can obtain accurate and high-resolution images of any location in the world and view it in 3D. Furthermore, it provides users with the ability to measure distances and areas, create custom maps, import and export GIS data, and visualize geographic data in various formats.

Mastering Google Earth Pro: A Comprehensive Guide to Its Free Features

Google Earth Pro offers many noteworthy free features that can help users explore and analyze the globe. Here are some of the most important ones:

Explore the Globe:

Google Earth Pro enables users to explore any location on Earth in 3D. Users can tilt the view and rotate it to gain a better perspective. The software offers different views such as satellite, terrain, and street to help users navigate the world.

Measure Distances and Areas:

With Google Earth Pro’s measuring tools, users can calculate distances between two points on the map or measure an area’s size. This feature is essential for various activities such as land surveying, urban planning, and more.

Print High-Resolution Images:

Google Earth Pro allows users to print high-resolution images of the maps and locations that they explore. These images can be used for educational, research, or commercial purposes.

Create Custom Maps:

Users can create custom maps by adding their own placemarks, lines, and polygons. This feature is beneficial for organizing geographic data or creating custom tours using Google Earth Pro’s built-in tours feature.

Import and Export GIS Data:

Google Earth Pro allows users to import and export geographic data in various formats such as KML, KMZ, SHP, TAB, CSV, and more. This feature enables users to integrate their data with Google Earth Pro’s rich datasets and powerful visualization tools.

View High-Definition Videos:

Google Earth Pro supports the playback of high-definition videos in tours, enabling users to create interactive and engaging tours.

Google Earth Pro’s free features are impressive and highly useful, and users are advised to experiment with them before committing to a paid subscription.

Savings in Sight: How Google Earth Pro Allows Users to Save Money for Free

Professional analysis of geographic data can be expensive and time-consuming, but thanks to Google Earth Pro, users can cut down on necessary resources required for such activities. Google Earth Pro features allow users to calculate land area measurements and distances and access imagery from any location on Earth from the comfort of their desk. Google Earth Pro is a valuable B2B tool, particularly for the oil and gas sector, construction, agriculture, and disaster management. By using Google Earth Pro for a comprehensive assessment, businesses can save considerable time and money.

For example, the oil and gas industry normally utilizes specialist software to help locate new deposits, but Google Earth Pro provides users with a unique tool to remotely conduct an initial survey for free. Businesses can avoid unnecessary expenses and get an accurate assessment of the land they aim to explore. Hence Google Earth Pro allows businesses to reduce their expenses on critical analysis without compromising on the quality of results.

Unlocking the Secrets of the Earth: Can Users Really Access Google Earth Pro for Free?

As previously mentioned, Google Earth Pro is free, and anyone can download the software from Google’s website. The process is straightforward, and users do not need a license key to access the free version of the software. The only requirement is that users have an internet connection to access the software, and if unavailable, they can only use Google Earth Pro’s offline version for a minimum period of seven days.

The difference between the free and paid versions of Google Earth Pro is considerable. Paid subscriptions include access to specialized datasets and features such as aerial photography, traffic monitoring, historical imagery, 3D models, and other advanced features. For organizations that need these features, subscribing to a paid plan may be necessary.

Go Further with Google Earth Pro: The Pros and Cons of the Free Version

Although Google Earth Pro’s free version is powerful and packed with features, it is not perfect. Let’s consider some of the pros and cons of using the free version of Google Earth Pro.


  • Free of charge with no strings attached.
  • 3D Views allow for detailed exploration.
  • High-Resolution printing features.
  • Can measure distances and areas easily.
  • Customizable placemarks.
  • Advanced GIS analysis functionalities.
  • Offline use possible for a minimum period of 7 days.


  • No access to specialized datasets.
  • No aerial imagery or traffic monitoring.
  • Google Earth Pro’s free version has limited features compared to a premium version.
  • Offline use is limited to seven days.
  • It doesn’t provide any customer support.

Overall, the free version of Google Earth Pro provides users with numerous powerful features that are suitable for many people. However, companies may require a premium subscription, especially those that require specialized datasets to perform in-depth analysis.

The Power of Google Earth Pro: Understanding What You Can Do for Free and What Requires a Paid Subscription

Google Earth Pro is a robust tool for exploring and analyzing our planet. However, not all features are available to users free of charge. Here is a comprehensive overview of what users can do with Google Earth Pro’s free version and what features require a paid subscription.

Free Features:

  • 3D views
  • Extended Street View
  • Measurement tools
  • High-resolution printing images
  • Import and exportive GIS data
  • Customization of placemarks, lines, polygons, and image overlays
  • High-definition video creation

Paid Features:

  • Aerial imagery
  • Specialized datasets
  • Historical imagery
  • Traffic data
  • Demographics data
  • Flight simulator
  • Exclusive technical support

Google Earth Pro’s free features are vast and suitable for various professions. However, for specialized undertaking such as land surveying, urban planning, and construction, businesses may need access to specific paid features. As with all decision-making processes, users are encouraged to try out the free version’s features before subscribing to a paid plan.


So, is Google Earth Pro really free? The answer is yes, Google Earth Pro is free, and users can download it from Google’s official website without a license key. Although the free version of Google Earth Pro provides an immersive experience, users who require specialized features may need to upgrade to the premium version. Google Earth Pro is a valuable tool for various sectors such as oil and gas exploration, urban planning, construction, and education. Users should explore the free version’s features before subscribing to a paid plan.

Google Earth Pro has revolutionized how we view planet Earth and provides us with an extraordinary amount of data to explore and analyze our planet. With the numerous features offered by Google Earth Pro, you can gain new perspectives, insights, and information about the world we live in.

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