March 2, 2024
Discover how NFL fans can stream NFL games and access the NFL Network for free using their Amazon Prime account. Our guide offers step-by-step instructions, pro tips, and includes a comparison guide between Amazon Prime and cable TV subscriptions.

Is NFL Network Free with Amazon Prime?

As a diehard NFL fan, you want to be able to watch all of the games without breaking the bank. But what do you do if you have Amazon Prime and can’t find a way to access the NFL Network?

In this article, we’ll show you how to cut the cord and access NFL Network for free using your Amazon Prime account. No need to pay for additional sports packages or subscribe to expensive cable TV packages.

Cutting the Cord: How Amazon Prime Subscribers Can Access NFL Network for Free

Recently, more and more people have been “cutting the cord” – canceling their cable TV subscriptions in favor of streaming services. In response, the NFL has made it easier for fans to access their games online, but navigating through all the different streaming options can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, you can access NFL Network through Amazon Prime for free.

Not only does it give you access to Thursday Night Football, but also offers exclusive shows such as NFL GameDay Morning, and gives you access to game replays, highlights, and analysis. Plus, using Amazon Prime not only saves you money on cable, but also any additional sports packages.

Maximizing Your Prime Membership: A Guide to Unlocking NFL Network Without Paying Extra

There are a few ways to get access to NFL Network through Amazon Prime without paying any extra fees.

  1. Use the NFL app: Download the NFL app on your Amazon Fire TV device and log in with your Amazon Prime credentials. From there, you can access NFL Network.
  2. Download the Prime Video app: Access NFL Network and Thursday Night Football by downloading the Prime Video app on your mobile device or smart TV and logging in with your Amazon Prime account.
  3. Live streaming through Amazon Channels: If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can access the NFL Network’s live stream through Amazon Channels by subscribing to the “Sports Extra” package for just $5 per month.

If you’re having trouble accessing NFL Network through Amazon Prime, don’t worry. Amazon offers a great online support system to help you troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing.

The Secret Access to NFL Network: How Amazon Prime Members Can Save Money on Streaming Sports

By accessing NFL Network through Amazon Prime, you’ll save money and have access to a wide range of exclusive content.

For instance, cable TV packages can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars per month, but with Amazon Prime, you not only get access to live NFL games but also Prime Video’s access to popular movies and TV shows.

In addition, Amazon Prime offers a potential savings of up to $45 per year by eliminating the need to purchase additional sports packages. That’s money that can be used for other necessities or more NFL gear!

Why Pay for Cable? Exploring the Free Access to NFL Network on Amazon Prime

Cable TV has been losing subscribers for years. It’s becoming increasingly irrelevant as streaming services continue to offer more affordable options that cater to viewers’ needs.

Accessing NFL Network through Amazon Prime is not only cost-effective but also provides viewers with customizable options. You can watch live games, access exclusive content, or watch replays and analysis at your leisure.

On the other hand, cable TV providers often bundle channels you may not be interested in at an expensive cost.

The Ultimate Guide to Free Sports Streaming: How to Watch NFL Network with Amazon Prime

So now that you know you can access NFL Network for free with Amazon Prime, let’s recap the different options available:

  • The NFL app on your Amazon Fire TV device
  • The Prime Video app on your mobile device or smart TV
  • Live streaming through Amazon Channels, which is available for only $5 per month

In addition to these options, there are other ways to access sports channels for free using Amazon Prime, such as downloading other apps that provide exclusive content or by searching through available channels on the menu of your Amazon Prime account.

Furthermore, you can provide feedback on your experience accessing NFL Network through Amazon Prime and ask other fans for tips and tricks in accessing free sports streaming.


In conclusion, Amazon Prime can provide NFL fans with surprisingly affordable options for accessing games, exclusive content and analysis, and various ways to customize their viewing experience.

By using your Amazon Prime account, you can avoid the costs that typically come with purchasing additional sports packages and cable TV subscriptions.

We hope this guide has proven to be helpful and informative, and invite our readers to share their experiences or any additional insights they may have.

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