July 19, 2024
This article explores Tee Higgins' current contract status and future prospects with the Cincinnati Bengals. It analyzes the impact of his free agency on the team and the league as a whole. It also compares Higgins to other big-name free agent wide receivers and outlines potential replacement options for the Bengals if he leaves the team.

I. Introduction

Tee Higgins is an up-and-coming star wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals. Higgins had a solid rookie season in 2020, where he caught 67 passes for 908 yards and 6 touchdowns. With Higgins’ potential and impressive talent, many fans are curious about his current contract status and future prospects. This article aims to explore the specifics of Higgins’ contract, the potential of him becoming a free agent, and the implications his free agency can have on the Bengals and other teams in the league.

II. Tee Higgins: Understanding his Current Contract Status and Future Prospects

Higgins signed a four-year contract with the Bengals worth $8.5 million in 2020. He has completed one year of this contract and has three more years left. In the NFL, players become free agents once their contract expires. Higgins’ contract status and future prospects are still up in the air since it’s unclear whether the team will opt to extend his contract or let him become a free agent.

In the NFL, there are three types of free agency; restricted, unrestricted, and exclusive-rights. Restricted free agents can negotiate with other teams, but the original team has the right to match any offer. Unrestricted free agents can sign with any team while exclusive-rights free agents can only negotiate with their current team.

If Higgins becomes a free agent, he will be an unrestricted free agent, which means he will have the choice to sign with any team in the NFL. The Bengals can choose to put the franchise tag on him, which will let them keep him for one more year by paying him the average of the top five highest-paid players in his position.

III. The Impact of Tee Higgins Free Agency on the Cincinnati Bengals

Losing Higgins in free agency would be a significant blow to the Bengals. For one, Higgins has quickly become one of the most reliable receivers on the team. He finished his rookie season as the team’s second-leading receiver, behind Tyler Boyd, and ranks fifth in receiving yards among all rookies in the NFL.

The Bengals have significant depth at wide receiver, but losing Higgins would create a noticeable gap in the receiving corps. The team would then need to find a new receiver to fill the gap left by Higgins. Restructuring his current contract or signing him to an extension before he hits free agency would be a wise move for the Bengals to prevent this gap from occurring.

IV. Analyzing Tee Higgins’ Performance for Potential Suitors if He Becomes a Free Agent

If Higgins becomes a free agent, he would undoubtedly generate significant interest from several teams in the league. His rookie season was impressive, and his potential is evident. He can make catches in traffic, has good ball awareness, and is a versatile receiver.

During his rookie season, Higgins was comparable to other free-agent wide receivers like Curtis Samuel, Will Fuller V, and JuJu Smith-Schuster. He finished the season with similar stats and played in just as many games. Several teams could be interested in Higgins’ services as he enters free agency.

V. The Possibility of Tee Higgins Re-signing with the Bengals: Examining the Deal

Re-signing Higgins should be a priority for the Bengals. The team needs a young star to build around, and Higgins possesses the talent and potential to be that player. The Bengals also have the cap space to extend Higgins, which means money shouldn’t be a problem when negotiating the contract.

A potential contract extension for Higgins could look like a four-year deal worth around $68 million. This number would put him in the company of other top receivers in the league and would be a fair price for someone with his talent.

VI. Comparing Tee Higgins Rumor Mill to Other Big-Name Free Agent Wide Receivers

Higgins isn’t the only wide receiver generating buzz around his free agency. Other big-name receivers like Kenny Golladay, Chris Godwin, and Allen Robinson are also in the rumor mill. Comparing the rumors surrounding Higgins to those surrounding other players suggests that his prospects on the free-agent market are pretty high. Many teams are in need of a reliable wide receiver, and Higgins has the talent to fill that gap.

VII. The Implications of Tee Higgins’ Free Agency: Who Will the Bengals Draft to Fill Possible Gaps?

If the Bengals do lose Higgins to free agency, they would need to find a suitable replacement via the draft. Fortunately, the Bengals have the fifth overall pick in the 2021 draft, which they could use to select a wide receiver to fill the gap left by Higgins. Ideally, the team would hope to get the best player available at number five, but if they feel the need to target a receiver, an option could be Ja’Marr Chase, a receiver who played alongside Bengals’ quarterback Joe Burrow at LSU.

VIII. Conclusion

Tee Higgins is a rising star in the NFL, and his free agency is generating significant interest across the league. The Bengals must prioritize his re-signing to prevent any gaps from appearing in their receiving corps. If Higgins does hit free agency, many teams would be interested in his talent, and it would be up to the Bengals to find a suitable replacement via the draft. Ultimately, Higgins’ free agency has huge implications on the Bengals’ future and the league as a whole.

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