June 22, 2024
KKW Beauty, the cosmetic brand launched by Kim Kardashian West, has had a bumpy ride in recent months. The company's controversies and significant drops in sales have sparked speculation about the brand's future, but what lessons can other beauty brands learn from its experiences?

What Happened to KKW Beauty? Insights into the Company’s Recent Struggles

KKW Beauty, the cosmetic brand launched by Kim Kardashian West, gained a massive following during its initial years. However, in recent months, the brand has been hit by controversies and significant drops in sales, sparking speculations about the company’s future. This article will explore what has happened to KKW Beauty and the lessons that other brands can learn from its experiences.

The Rise and Fall of KKW Beauty: Inside the Company’s Recent Struggles

Launched in 2017, KKW Beauty rapidly became a social media favorite and global sensation. In its first year, the company reportedly made $100 million in sales. However, the brand has had a rough ride since it started. With over 2 million followers, it’s no wonder that KKW beauty was a go-to spot for beauty enthusiasts. Kim Kardashian’s status and fame propelled it into becoming a leading cosmetics manufacturer in America.

Despite its early success, the company began to fall in 2020, after Kim’s tweet advertising makeup during Black Lives Matter protests started to circulate. Fans called out the brand, stating that it was insensitive to market make-up during protests against police brutality. Social media backlash soon followed, and the campaign eventually failed.

A Deep Dive into the Controversies That Have Plagued KKW Beauty in Recent Months

This was only one of many controversies that have impacted the brand. KKW Beauty has received multiple negative comments from the public with many calling the brand directionless and no longer glamorous.

Furthermore, in December 2020, the brand was accused of copying London-based brand Tan-Luxe’s packaging and labeling designs for its Body Makeup. Social media proved to be a platform for their beef, with Tan Luxe pointing out side by side comparisons. This incident added to the negative sentiment towards KKW Beauty.

The latest controversy to hit the brand when a former employee alleges in a lawsuit that Kardashian stifled “black excellence” at her company, called her brand’s support for Black Lives Matter “contrived and inauthentic,” and allegedly required her employees to work off-the-clock without overtime pay. Kardashian has denied these allegations.

All these controversies have impacted KKW Beauty’s reputation and sales, causing many to question the brand’s future, including what could be anticipated about updates after the brand changed hands in 2021

Breaking Down the Reasons Why KKW Beauty’s Sales Have Dropped Drastically

The controversies surrounding KKW Beauty have played a role, but it’s not the only factor that has led to its drop in sales. With the growing competition in the cosmetics industry, KKW Beauty, like many other brands, has been affected negatively. Other brands like Fenty Beauty are gaining more recognition for being inclusive than KKW Beauty. KKW has always been criticized for lacking enough shade offerings.

Aside from competition, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have also taken a toll on the company’s sales, like everywhere else. Since there are fewer social events where people would use cosmetics, their demand lowers and so does sales in general.

From Social Media Frenzy to Public Scrutiny: How KKW Beauty’s Founder Coped with the Backlash

Kim’s response potentially cost customer loyalty with many unfollowing and vowing off purchasing from KKW, while others supported her and refused to “cancel” her brand.

Kim didn’t respond to all the issues KKW Beauty faced but has chosen to separate herself from the brand by allowing it to be sold recently. This move distances herself from the brand’s mixed reputation and enables her to focus on herself and her businesses.

Looking Beyond the Brand: What KKW Beauty’s Current Situation Reveals about the Beauty Industry’s Trends and Challenges

KKW Beauty’s controversies highlight the challenges that the beauty industry faces in response to the Black Lives Matter movement. Companies need to think about the public perception of their brand and how their actions could impact that perception.

Furthermore, KKW Beauty’s experiences demonstrate the importance of inclusivity in the cosmetics industry. Brands that are not inclusive to people of color will eventually lose out in the market. The diversity issue is a rapidly growing concern in the beauty industry, and brands need to be conscious of it.


KKW Beauty’s recent struggles demonstrate the challenges that companies face in today’s social media-dominated world. While the brand’s controversies and drop in sales have raised concerns about its future, other beauty brands can learn a lot from its experiences. The beauty industry needs to acknowledge the need for inclusivity in the sector and depend on it to grow and succeed in the business.

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