February 23, 2024
Implanon removal can be expensive. This article explores the different ways you can access free or affordable services. It also provides detailed information on clinics that offer free Implanon removal services, how to find them, and various options that make the procedure more affordable.

Where Can I Get My Implanon Removed for Free?

Implanon is a birth control implant that is inserted under the skin and can provide protection against pregnancy for up to three years. However, sometimes women decide to remove their Implanon before it expires due to personal choices, increased side effects, or medical reasons. While many clinics offer removal services, some women may not have access to affordable healthcare or may not be able to afford the cost of removal. In this article, we will explore where you can get your Implanon removed for free, and how you can find these services near you.

5 Places You Can Get Implanon Removal for Free – A Comprehensive Guide

Fortunately, there are many clinics that offer free Implanon removal services, and we have compiled a list of five such places:

  • Planned Parenthood
  • Community health clinics
  • Public health departments
  • Family planning clinics
  • College health clinics

It’s important to check with these clinics to ensure they offer the services for free, as policies and guidelines may vary. Some clinics may also require certain eligibility criteria, such as residency or income level, so it’s essential to call ahead and confirm the requirements before visiting.

Say Goodbye to Implanon: How to Find Free Removal Options Near You

With so many clinics offering free Implanon removal services, it can be challenging to locate them. The first step is to do some research online. Type in “free Implanon removal clinic near me” in your search engine, and you will see a list of clinics that offer this service. You can also check the websites of local health departments, family planning clinics, and Planned Parenthood to find free services in your area.

It is also essential to make phone calls to these clinics to confirm their services and eligibility criteria. You can ask any questions about the services, ask about their hours of operation, and book appointments. Be sure to have all your questions ready and take any notes for future reference.

Unburdening Yourself: Top Clinics Offering Free Implanon Removal Services

In addition to the previously mentioned clinics, some top-rated clinics offer free Implanon removal services. They include:

  • Options for Sexual Health (Canada)
  • Black Women’s Health (United States)
  • Marie Stopes International (Worldwide)
  • Free Abortion Medical Services (United States)
  • Community Healthcare Network (New York City)

These clinics are highly rated, and they provide excellent care to patients. While some are located in specific locations, others offer services worldwide, making it easier to access their services. Checking with any of these clinics guarantees good care and attention.

Breaking Free: How to Get Your Implanon Removed Without Breaking the Bank

While free Implanon removal clinics are available, some women may not qualify for free services or may not have one located near their homes. Standard removal costs can range from $200 to $800, depending on the clinic and other factors. However, some options can make Implanon removal more affordable, such as:

  • Visit your primary care doctor: Your primary care doctor may offer Implanon removal services at a lower cost than other clinics.
  • Discuss flexible payment options with the clinic: Some clinics may offer payment plans to help spread the cost of the procedure over a few months.
  • Find additional funding: Women’s health charities and crowdfunding platforms can provide additional funding to help pay for Implanon removal.

It is important to explore all options before making a decision and to choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

Removing Your Implanon Made Easy: A List of Free Services Nationwide

Here are some more free Implanon removal options available nationwide:

  • The Department of Health’s Title X Family Planning Program
  • The Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act (WHCRA)
  • The National Abortion Federation (NAF)
  • The American Society for Emergency Contraception (ASEC)

Each of these resources has different eligibility requirements, so it’s essential to check before making an appointment.

Implanon Removal on a Budget: Where to Find Free Removal Services

If you are struggling with finances and want to remove your Implanon safely and affordably, you can also apply for financial assistance programs. Organizations like the Patient Access Network Foundation, Women’s Early Options, and GoFundMe are examples of programs that can help fund the removal procedure and cover all or part of the costs.

While removing Implanon can be expensive, several options make it possible to access affordable and safe services. It’s time to take control of your reproductive health and find the service that works best for you!


Implanon removal is essential for those who wish to discontinue the use of birth control implants or who are experiencing adverse side effects. Fortunately, there are many free or affordable options available, such as community clinics, family planning centers, and health departments. Women can also research online or use specialized directories to find free services. Remember that good research is key when trying to find a clinic that works for you. Whether you use a free removal clinic or end up paying for the procedure, always ensure you prioritize your health above all else.

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