July 21, 2024
Want to watch your favorite holiday films without spending a dime? Check out our ultimate guide to free holiday movie options, from borrowing DVDs to DIY movie nights, and enjoy the holidays without breaking the bank.


The holiday season is a time for joy, family, and festivities. One of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit is by snuggling up with loved ones to watch classic holiday films. However, this joyous tradition can also come with a cost, leaving some of us to miss out on the fun. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to watch your favorite holiday movies without breaking the bank. In this article, we’ll explore the top 5 places to watch holiday movies for free as well as share some additional tips for holiday cheer without spending a dime.

Top 5 Places to Watch Holiday Movies for Free: Your Ultimate Guide

1. Borrow DVDs from the Library
When looking for free holiday movies, the library is a great place to start. Many libraries offer a wide range of holiday movies for checkout, from cherished classics to new releases. Look for DVDs in the children’s section if you want family-friendly options.

2. Sign Up for Free Trials of Streaming Services
Most streaming services offer free trials for new users, so take advantage of this to watch your favorite holiday movies for free. Some of the best streaming services to try during the holiday season include Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+. Just remember to cancel before the trial period ends if you don’t want to be charged.

3. Check Local TV Schedules
During the holiday season, many networks air classic holiday movies and specials. Check your local TV schedule to see what’s playing. You can even record them on a DVR to watch later at your convenience.

4. Use Streaming Services from Your Cable Provider
If you have a cable subscription, you might be eligible for free streaming services such as HBO Go, Showtime Anytime, or NBC app. These services include a variety of holiday movies and specials, which you can stream for free using your cable login information.

5. Host a Movie Swap
Reach out to your friends, family, or neighbors and ask if they have any holiday movies they’re willing to lend you. You can also gather your own collection and host a movie swap. This way, everyone gets a chance to watch the films they love without spending money.

No Cost Festivities: How to Enjoy the Holidays Without Spending a Dime

Watching holiday movies isn’t the only way to get into the spirit of the season. Here are some additional tips for enjoying the holidays without spending a dime:

– Attend free community events, such as tree lighting ceremonies or holiday parades.
– Volunteer your time at a local charity or organization.
– Bake holiday treats or cook a festive meal with loved ones.
– Host a potluck with friends.
– Make DIY holiday decorations using materials you already have at home.

Cutting Costs During the Holidays: Creative Ways to Watch Your Favorite Films for Free

If you want to get creative with your movie nights, here are some ideas to cut costs:

– Project a holiday movie on a blank wall using a projector and a laptop.
– Make your own popcorn and candy.
– Turn off the lights and use battery-operated candles or twinkle lights to create a cozy ambiance.
– Use blankets and pillows for comfortable seating.

Free Streaming Sites to Catch Your Holiday Favorites

Aside from the mainstream streaming services, there are also several websites that offer free, legal streaming of holiday movies. Some of the best sites include:

– Hoopla
– Tubi
– Pluto TV
– Crackle

These sites offer a range of holiday movies, from old classics to new releases. Just keep in mind that some sites might require you to create an account before you can start streaming.

Holiday Cheer for Free: Where to Watch Your Must-See Festive Flicks Without Breaking the Bank

Watching holiday movies is a great way to get into the spirit of the season, and with the tips provided in this article, you don’t have to spend a dime. Whether you’re borrowing DVDs from the library or hosting a movie swap with friends, there are plenty of options available for free viewing. By taking advantage of these free options, you can enjoy all the holiday cheer without worrying about finances.


Now that you know where to find free holiday movies and how to enjoy the holidays without breaking the bank, it’s time to start watching your favorite films. Remember, there’s no need to spend a lot of money to get into the holiday spirit. By taking advantage of the free options available, you can create memories that will last a lifetime.

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