March 2, 2024
Examine the historical, artistic, political, economic, and cultural factors that led to Queen Elizabeth's image on Canadian currency, and why the Queen continues to be a symbol of Canada's unique blend of cultures and history.


For Canadians, it’s a familiar sight: Queen Elizabeth’s serene, regal likeness staring back at them from their bills and coins. But why exactly is the Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada’s former colonial power, on the country’s currency? In this article, we’ll explore the historical, artistic, political, economic, and cultural factors that led to Queen Elizabeth’s image gracing Canadian money.

Historical Background

Canada’s history is intimately intertwined with Britain’s, and the countries still share a close relationship today. Up until 1982, Canada’s Constitution was controlled by the British Parliament, and the Queen remains the country’s official Head of State (though the role is mostly symbolic). Therefore, it’s no surprise that Queen Elizabeth’s image has been used on Canadian currency for many years.

The Queen’s first appearance on Canadian money was in 1935, when she was still a princess and King George V was on the throne. When Elizabeth became Queen in 1952, her image replaced that of her father on Canadian currency as well as on other Commonwealth countries’ bills and coins. Today, her image can be found on all Canadian bills except for the $20 bill, which features the image of former Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King.

Artistic Depictions

When it comes to depicting Queen Elizabeth on Canadian currency, the Royal Canadian Mint has had to balance artistic flourishes with traditional, recognizable designs. The Queen is typically depicted in profile on bills and coins, wearing the royal crown and draped in a gown. These depictions are largely based on official portraits of the Queen, but with some variations in artistic license.

One of the most distinctive features of Queen Elizabeth’s image on Canadian currency is the lack of a visible earlobe, which has led to speculation about why this artistic choice was made. Some have suggested that it’s an attempt to create a more classic or timeless image of the Queen, while others speculate that it simply made the image more aesthetically pleasing. Compared to other members of the royal family who have been featured on Canadian money in the past (such as King George V or Queen Victoria), Queen Elizabeth’s image is a bit more modern and streamlined.

Political Significance

Canada’s relationship with the British monarchy has been a source of debate and controversy for many years. Some Canadians see the monarchy as a symbol of their country’s history and continued close ties to Britain, while others believe it’s a relic of colonialism that should be phased out. Queen Elizabeth’s image on Canadian money serves as a reminder of this debate.

Politicians in Canada have also used the Queen’s image for their own purposes. For example, former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government made moves to increase the prominence of the Queen’s image on Canadian currency, which some interpreted as an attempt to appeal to conservative, British-leaning Canadians.

Economic Implications

As with anything related to currency, there are economic implications to consider when it comes to Queen Elizabeth’s image on Canadian money. Some argue that having the Queen’s image on the bills and coins evokes a sense of stability and trust in the Canadian economy, since the monarchy is seen as a symbol of continuity and longevity.

On the other hand, there are those who argue that having the Queen’s image on Canadian money may actually have negative economic impacts. For example, some have claimed that foreign investors may be put off by the image of the Queen on Canadian money, as it reinforces the country’s ties to Britain and may seem outdated in a globalized world.

Cultural Significance

Perhaps most importantly, Queen Elizabeth’s image on Canadian money speaks to the country’s unique cultural identity. Canada is a country with deep British roots, but it has also developed a distinct, multicultural society over the years. The image of the Queen, therefore, represents both Canada’s ties to Britain and its own unique blend of cultures and traditions.

In recent years, there have been calls to replace the Queen’s image on Canadian currency with that of a notable Canadian figure, such as Terry Fox or Viola Desmond. However, for many Canadians, the image of Queen Elizabeth remains an important symbol of their country’s history and identity.


Queen Elizabeth’s image on Canadian currency is a complex issue that touches on politics, economics, art, history, and culture. Despite the ongoing debates about the monarchy’s relevance in Canada and criticisms of the Queen’s image as outdated, many Canadians still take pride in seeing their Head of State represented on their bills and coins. As Canada continues to evolve and change over time, the image of the Queen on its currency serves as a reminder of the country’s unique relationship with Britain and its own rich cultural heritage.

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