May 22, 2024
Are you tired of being cash-strapped in Witcher 3? Our article outlines some tips and strategies to help you earn money playing this fantastic game. Learn about ways to complete Witcher Contracts, crafting and selling items, looting everything, participating in Gwent, and completing side quests as ways to earn significant wealth. Don"t wait any longer, upgrade your equipment and explore new areas!


If you’re playing Witcher 3, you know earning money can be challenging. However, with the right strategies, it’s possible to accumulate significant wealth and be able to afford better equipment and upgrades. This article will provide you with tips and tricks to make money in Witcher 3.

Completing Witcher Contracts

The first way to earn money in Witcher 3 is by completing Witcher contracts. These are quests where you’re hired to hunt down monsters that are terrorizing an area.

Ways To Locate Witcher Contracts

You can find Witcher contracts by visiting notice boards in towns, cities, and villages. You’ll see pamphlets with red wax seals indicating they’re contracts. You can also come across these quests by talking to random NPCs or using your Witcher senses to spot them on notice boards.

Tips for Successfully Completing Witcher Contracts

Before accepting a contract, make sure you’re of a high enough level to tackle the quest, or else you’ll end up dying and losing any progress made. When battling monsters, use your Witcher senses to highlight the enemy’s weak spots and use that information to exploit the monster’s weak point.

Benefits of Completing Witcher Contracts

Not only do Witcher contracts pay handsomely but also provide great intellectual gratification when you focus on solving complex cases to discover and defeat deadly monsters.

Crafting and Selling Items

Creating and selling crafted items is a lucrative avenue in Witcher 3. You can find crafting materials scattered all over the vast world of the game.

Best Materials for Crafting Items

The best crafting materials are high-level monster parts and refined precious stones; however, their availability can be limited, so try focusing on wolves, bears, or other less challenging monsters. They’re easy to track down and can easily drop valuable crafting items.

Top Recipes for Crafting Valuable Items

There are various crafting recipes you can use to make valuable items that sell for a lot of money. Examples include Superior White Raffard’s Decoction and Enhanced Northern Wind Bomb.

Best Vendors to Sell Items

It’s essential to know which vendors provide the most bang for your crafting buck. In Novigrad, check out the various crafters in the center of the city, while in Velen, the Hattori vendor in Mulbrydale is the go-to guy for selling crafted weapons.

Looting Everything

The vast open-world aspect of Witcher 3 allows players to loot pretty much everything: barrels, chests, and abandoned houses and buildings. Looting can yield crucial loot that can be sold for a reasonable price.

Explanation of How Looting Can Earn Money

Loot obtained from containers throughout the world can include all sorts of items ranging from raw crafting materials such as hides and pelts to swords and books that can be sold for good money. Furthermore, looted items are lightweight, so it’s possible to carry a lot of things without overburdening your character.

Best Places to Find Loot

The best places to loot are bandit hideouts and abandoned buildings. In particular, bandits and looters tend to leave behind valuable items they have taken from other people that they’ve killed. They also tend to congregate around lootable areas, so there’s a higher probability of running into trouble with them. Furthermore, houses that are ransacked are likely to contain all sorts of items; small villages and towns are excellent places to start looting.

Tips for Efficiently Looting

Before looting, secure the area since most lootable places are generally occupied by deadly foes that will attack on sight. When looting containers, go for the ones with fewer items since they’re the most likely to have the most valuable items. Avoid looting excess raw crafting materials since it’s easier to run into these than anything else.

Participating in Gwent

Gwent is a card game that has been introduced into the Witcher universe. It’s a game that players can enjoy as they explore and complete quests throughout the game.

Explanation of What Gwent Is

Gwent is a standalone turn-based card game that you can play within Witcher 3. It’s played with a set of custom playing cards bearing mysterious and beautiful art. A player’s objective is to beat another player in a series of rounds.

Strategies for Playing and Winning

Gwent is all about good decision-making with the cards you get dealt. Each player draws ten cards from their deck of at least twenty-five cards. Your primary objective is to accumulate more strength points than your opponent in a given round. It’s worthwhile to be familiar with the cards you’re playing since they all have various strengths and weaknesses.

Benefits of Participating in Gwent

Aside from the satisfaction of winning, players get rewards in the form of in-game items that can be sold for money. Examples of rewards include cards and crafting materials. It’s a great way to earn money while still playing an excellent side game in the main game.

Completing Side Quests

Side quests are additional quests that are not necessarily related to the primary story. They are useful to complete because they offer unique stories and rewards for the player

Overview of Side Quests in Witcher 3

There are many side quests in Witcher 3 that can be completed to make money and gain experience points. These quests are often issued by random NPCs in different regions, and they offer unique rewards for completion.

Best Side Quests for Making Money

You can complete Witcher contracts and secondary missions along with this quest called “The Tower Outta Nowheres,” which is awarded to you by a wealthy nobleman in Velen who needs you to investigate a mysterious tower that appeared in his lands. The quest is short but offers a great reward for completing it.

Rewards for Completing Side Quests

Each side quest varies in the reward it offers. Some provide quests that lead to unique items and gear, while others can use a vast amount of cash when the loot is sold. It’s an excellent source of money if you’re looking for a break from the primary story quests.


As a Witcher 3 player, by completing Witcher contracts, crafting and selling items, looting everything, participating in Gwent and by completing side quests, the opportunities to earn money abound. Do keep in mind that the list isn’t exhaustive, as Witcher 3 offers numerous other ways to earn money. By using the above strategies, you’re sure to accumulate the wealth you need to make useful upgrades for your character.

Final Tips for Maximizing Earnings

Combine the tips that work best for your playing style that we’ve discussed in this article to maximize your earning potential. Also, don’t forget to sell to the right vendors for the most gain.

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